Lawn Care

For lush and vibrant lawns that complement your home or business exterior, trust the skilled hands and cutting-edge technology at Galicia’s Landscaping Inc. We specialize in customizable lawn care solutions that deliver exceptional results, tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of every client. Whether it’s routine mowing or precise trimming – we cover all aspects of lawn care services. Let our team bring out the full potential of your outdoor space, creating an inviting atmosphere that makes a lasting impression. Trust Galicia’s Landscaping Inc. to take your lawn to the next level. Contact us Today!

Service Includes

A healthy lawn absorbs carbon dioxide, releases oxygen and reduces erosion which helps in mitigating effects of climate change. Having a beautiful lawn gives homeowners, tenants and business owners a sense of pride in their property.

  • Personalized care plans tailored to individual lawns
  • Use high-quality equipment and top products
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • A variety of services provided (Mowing, seeding, edging, aeration)
  • Regular updates and communication regarding progress and concerns
  • Free consultation/estimate visit
  • Satisfaction guarantee with timely adjustments made if needed.
  • Clean-ups : spring, fall and as-needed clean-up services
  • Lawn services : seeding, thatching, aeration and revitalization programs
  • Lawn maintenance : including cutting, trimming and blowing-off/debris removal for all patios, walks, and driveways
  • Fertilization : services include organic alternatives and hybrid programs
  • Garden care : weeding, mulching and bed preparation
  • Shrub and tree care : hedge trimming, bush trimming, fine pruning, tree trimming and removals